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07-24 Prague - Podnik
07-25 Rokycany - Fluff Fest / Queer Noises Tent
07-26 Stuttgart - Universum

Trailer for Gegen Nation


Trailer for Gegen Light

Crime - Luck Comes Sweeter 

BIG MARCUS~~~mini me. <3

Pink Soldiers Remix

☯ Crime Video Release Party ☯

CRIME (Live)
☯ 04-18 @ Hot Topic - Schwuz ☯

It is a slow, steady march of escape, to summon the winds and raise the sun. Mountain ranges and dense forest create the background for this piece about giving up control, finding beauty in imperfection, and existing on multiple planes at the same time. 

Stunning landscapes architecturally frame and haunt the visual scape in this internationally produced video by Berlin film collective nowMomentnow. Footage was shot in both Australia and Germany, in this first collaboration from Imogen Heath and Alistair Watts. Heath is best known for directing videos for Planningtorock, and Alexander Geist or shooting a Festival Video for The Knife.

CRIME, the Berlin-Based Duo comprised of Mika Risiko and Sarah Adorable, released an EP and toured with Austra in 2013. This is the first single of 2014, laying the groundwork for a new album and a fresh sound. Luck Comes Sweeter was mixed and mastered by Danish musical mastermind and producer Heidi Mortenson. 


Concept, Direction and Cinematography by Imogen Heath and Alistair Watts 
Editing: Imogen Heath
Produced by nowMomentnow.


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